US: Onderzoek toont dat 95% houten pallets gerecycled worden

01 mei 2018

The National Wooden Pallet & Container Association (NWPCA) has announced the preliminary results of survey data related to the US wooden pallet industry (Industry Market Survey), as well as the prevalence and disposal of wood pallets at landfill sites (Landfill Avoidance Survey).
The size of the overall industry shows that an estimated 849 million pallets (508 million new and 341 million recycled) were produced in 2016. In comparison to 2011 (the last year of recorded data), these estimations represent a 14% growth in overall production. Preliminary results on the disposal of wood pallets at landfill sites reveal that 95% of wooden pallets are being recycled (Nieuwsbericht NWPCA, 29 maart 2018).
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