Panama: Verbod op eenmalige kunststof draagtasjes in retail

22 februari 2018

The Republic of Panama has become the first country in Central America to ban the retail distribution of single-use plastic bags. Law No.1 of 2018, which was approved by the National Assembly, was published in the La Gaceta Oficial Digital de la República de Panamá on 19 January 2018.
Supermarkets, pharmacies and other retailers will have 18 months to switch to alternatives to disposable polyethylene bags, and wholesalers and warehouses will have 24 months. The law encourages businesses to provide reusable bags and bags that have “minimal environmental impact.” The Ministry of Environment is responsible for conducting a public awareness campaign (Recycling Laws International, 16 februari 2018).
Klik hier voor de regelgeving (in het Spaans, 115 kB).

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