Noren zetten ‘maar-niet-slecht-na’-datum op melk

22 februari 2018

According to Q-Meieriene, nearly one-third of Norwegians have thrown away milk on the expiry date without checking to see if it is still good. This is a major contribution to food waste, and now other Norwegian dairy brands like Tine are taking notice and making a change.
Tine, Q-Meieriene, and Prior have all now made the move to swap their expiry dates for “best before, but not bad after” on products like eggs, milk, sour milk, cream, juice, yogurt packs, and school milk. Lars Galtung, director of comunications and corporate responsibility for Tine, said that the company’s goal is to change all of its product labels during 2018 (The Daily Meal, 10 januari 2018).
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