Identificatie van NIAS in PP-folie voor voedselverpakkingen

28 juni 2018

Migration of non volatile compounds from twenty six PP films used as food contact materials has been studied in four simulants (ethanol 95% and 10%, acetic acid 3% and Tenax ®) and analyzed by UPLC-MS/QTOF. Seventy six compounds have been identified, where 76% of them were non-intentionally added substances (NIAS) coming from degradation of additives used, impurities or compounds of unknown origin.
Six films didn’t comply with the European Regulation Nº 10/2011/EU. Other films surpassed the maximum concentration recommended by Cramer for the compounds of class II or III when ethanol 95% was used as simulant. An article about this research was published in Talanta.
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