FR: Position Paper over claims op en over verpakkingen

30 januari 2018

French consumers can directly read claims about packaging on their products. Regarding environmental claims, the French Packaging Council (Conseil National de l’Emballage) specifies that in accordance with the French programming act n°2009-967, environmental information must coincide with the overall characteristics of the product and its packaging.
Regarding non-environmental claims, the French Packaging Council has recently noticed terms as diverse as “package-free”, edible, organic and vegan on products and their packaging. The French Packaging Council takes a clear stance on the use of these different terms (Position Paper on packaging claims, januari 2018).
Klik hier om de ‘Position Paper on packaging claims’ te downloaden (209 kB).
Klik hier voor de Franse wetgeving nr.2009-967 (in het Frans).

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