The African label market explored

30 augustus 2012

Latest from specialist publishing and market research company AWA Alexander Watson Associates is Label Markets Africa & Middle East Market Study & Sourcebook 2012. With BRIC countries on the way to becoming developed, stable economies, the countries that succeed them as emerging domestic and foreign investment markets are a timely focus. And six of the ten fastest-growing economies are in Africa.
This latest study evaluates the continent and its Middle East neighbours in the context of the global label market, profiling the regional value chain, active geographical and demographic market segments, and the relative importance today and tomorrow of major product identification and decoration technologies. It also discusses macro-economic influences on demand, market drivers, raw material pricing and environmental issues.The report concludes with a directory of companies serving the market – paper and film material suppliers; equipment manufacturers; pressure-sensitive laminators; suppliers of inks and adhesives; and label printers (World Packaging News, 29 August 2012).