EU kan en moet voedselverlies beter bestrijden

23 januari 2017

A special report by the ECA European Court of Auditors (Combating Food Waste: an opportunity for the EU to improve the resource-efficiency of the food supply chain) shines light on the way that Europe can and should lower the amount of food waste. At global level, around one third (by weight) of the food produced for human consumption is wasted or lost.
Many of the potential improvements do not require new initiatives or more public funding, but rather involve a better alignment of existing policies, improved coordination, and clearly identifying the reduction of food waste as a policy objective. Food packaging may play an important role as well, in sync with the EU Waste Hierarchy.
Klik hier voor het ECA rapport (2,05 MB).
Klik hier voor de Nederlandse versie van het rapport (1,38 MB).
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