Zwitserland: Uit onderzoek blijkt dat 20% van het huishoudelijk afval gerecycled kan worden

17 februari 2014

Every 10 years the Swiss Federal Office of Environment (FOEV) conduct a study on the composition of household waste. In the latest study they found that about 20% of household waste is actually recyclable or compostable.
About 66% of Swiss recyclable waste is food waste. Glass and paper are the leading non-compostable but recyclable materials are still being discarded in significant levels as trash. Annual household waste is now above 1.6 million tons, an increase of about 8% from the last study. In municipalities where pay-as-you-throw systems have been implemented, the average per capita waste generation is 80 kilograms less (Recycling Laws International, 31 januari 2014).
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