VS: Honolulu City Council overweegt verbod op verpakkingen van polystyreen voor voedingsmiddelen

30 juni 2014

On June 4, two Honolulu City Council members introduced a bill requiring that all disposable food service containers used in the county be compostable. In other words, the bill bans the use of all polystyrene foam food service containers.
An online petition drive on MoveOn.org was also launched to bolster public support for the measure. The petition states, ‘Polystyrene foam containers are still made with the carcinogen styrene and do not break down safely, leaving our beaches and land scattered with toxic foam bits and endangering species that try to consume the foam’. If approved, the ordinance would take effect on January 1, 2016 (State Recycling Laws Update, 6 juni 2014).
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