VS: Heffingen op eenmalige draagtassen weer voorgesteld in Maryland

27 februari 2014

Companion bills Maryland SB 707 and HB 718 have been introduced, creating the Community Cleanup and Greening Act of 2014 and authorizing counties to require a 5-cent fee be charged for each disposable carryout bag. The two bills are very similar to ones that were introduced but failed to be enacted in 2012 and 2013.
Both bills would require the number of disposable bags distributed and the total bag fee be itemized on each customer receipt. Stores can retain 1 or 2 cents, depending on whether they provide a credit to customers that bring their own reusable bags and the remaining portion would be used to fund projects (State Recycling Laws Update, 10 februari 2014).
Klik hier voor Maryland SB 707 (126 kB).
Klik hier voor Maryland SB 718 (127 kB).

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