UK: Industry Nutrition Strategy Group (IGD) ontwikkelt gids voor het berekenen en communiceren van groenten- en fruitporties in samengestelde levensmiddelen

24 juni 2014

IGD developed a best practice guide in order to promote consistency in the way in which labelled fruit and vegetable content of composite foods is calculated, and to provide criteria that should be met in order for fruit and vegetable portions to be declared. This guide takes the current EU-regulations and government recommendations into account.
The guide includes information on calculating portions from different formats of fruit and vegetables, principles for declaring fruit and vegetable portions on composite foods, changes to the minimum amount needed to label fruit and vegetable content and fruit and vegetable portion sizes for adults (IGD nieuwsbericht, 7 April 2014).
Klik hier voor het IGD nieuwsbericht.
Klik hier voor de gids (4,92 MB).

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