Tsjechië: conceptplan afvalmanagement gepubliceerd

03 juni 2014

The Ministry of Environment for the Czech Republic published a draft Waste Management Plan covering 2015-2024. The new plan supports the five-tier waste hierarchy and sets 11 general goals. The plan then identifies a series of 28 supporting goals mapped over three time periods. The supporting goals in the first period include introducing new “economic instruments” such as new landfill taxes and establishing the separate collections for paper, metal, plastic, glass and biodegradable waste through local programs.
The plan includes interim paper, metal, plastic, glass recycling targets: 46% by 2016, 48% by 2018, and 50% by 2020 reporting (Recycling Laws International, 16 mei 2014).
Klik hier voor het rapport (2,91 MB, in het Tsjechisch).

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