Tijd-Temperatuur Indicatoren van actieve chitosan/PVA folie met anthocyaan uit rode kool voor intelligente voedselverpakkingen

25 juni 2014

Food-packages featuring Time-Temperature Indicators (TTIs) use a system that monitors a food's condition in real-time, thus indicating the overall influence of temperature on food product quality.
Researchers at Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso (UFMT) in Brazil aimed to develop and characterize a TTI based on a PVA/Chitosan polymeric doped with anthocyanins in order to indirectly indicate food quality changes through the detection of changes in the pH of packaged food products when subjected to improper storage temperatures. The TTI was produced from chitosan, PVA and anthocyanins extracted from red cabbage. An article about the research is published in Food Hydrocolloids.
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