Smart packaging valued at $75 million in 2013

20 februari 2013

It has been a slow path to commercialize smart packaging. Despite strong needs such as the aging population, tougher legislation, huge waste, more demanding consumers and concerns about safety and crime; commercial success has been mixed. The topic encompasses chemical, electrical and electronic features in packaging. By volume, the most successful and sustainable uses have been chemical time temperature indicators (TTIs), mandated on vaccines such as polio and battery testers used on several brands.
According to research by IDTechEx in the report, Smart Packaging Comes To Market: Brand Enhancement with Electronics 2013-2023 smart packaging will create a market of $75 million in 2013. IDTechEx forecast that it will take another five years for the market for electronic and electrical smart packaging devices to achieve sales of $200 million, but thereafter will grow to $1.45 Billion in 2023. Those winning in 5 years need to put in the development and concept creation now (Packaging Digest, 19 February 2013).