Rapport: Ongeveer kwart voedselafval in ontwikkelingslanden op te lossen met betere koelapparatuur

11 juli 2014

According to a report, published by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE), it is estimated that about 25% of food wastage in developing world could be eliminated with better refrigeration equipment. Up to 50% of fruit and vegetables are lost in Sub-Saharan Africa and India, while Tanzania sees 25% of all milk produced in the wet season end up as wastage and 97% of its meat sold warm having never been chilled.
The report ‘A tank of cold: cleantech leapfrog to a more food secure world’ is a follow up to the Institution’s report last year which estimated that up to 50% of food produced around the world is either lost or discarded (Persbericht IMechE, 30 juni 2014).
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