Rapport: Nieuwe inzichten kunnen industrie helpen voedselafval bij de consument te verminderen

18 juli 2014

A report released from WRAP highlights that 2 million tonnes of UK household food is discarded because it is not ‘used in time’, half of which is thrown away whole or in unopened packaging, costing consumers around £2.4bn a year. In a third of cases, passing a date label triggered disposal, while foods judged by consumers to have ‘gone off’ before they could be eaten were responsible for most of the remaining 1.3 million tonnes. Significant progress has been made around clarifying date labels and storage guidance to keep food fresher for longer, under the Courtauld Commitment, but the level of waste clearly shows more needs to be done in these and other areas (Nieuwsbericht WRAP, 24 juni 2014).
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