Rapport: Europese B2C e-commerce ontwikkelt zich extreem goed

30 januari 2014

The Europe B2C e-commerce report 2013 states that Europe is growing rapidly on the global e-commerce market, exceeding the USA that used to be the biggest market until 2010. With 529 million people using internet, and 250 million online shoppers, the total B2C e-sales of goods and services in 2012 was €312bn for entire Europe, and €277bn for the countries of the European Union. This implies a growth of between 18 and 19% in comparison to earlier years. UK, Germany and France are responsible for in total €191bn, counting for 69% of the EU Union. The average amount spend by online shoppers was €1,243. The five emerging countries in % growth are Turkey, Greece, Ukraine, Hungary and Romania.
Klik hier voor de light versie van het Ecommerce Europe rapport (6,8 MB).

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