Plastic packaging to boost Polypropylene market by 20 Million tons over next decade

09 juli 2013

Organic plastic polypropylene is predicted to become more popular in the future, as increasingly affluent lifestyles and ambitious industrialization drum up global demand for the multipurpose material, says new research by GBI Research.
The new report states that overall polypropylene consumption is expected to rise from 42.3m tons in 2011 to 62.4m tons by 2020, growing at a healthy Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 4.5%.
Polypropylene consumption by the packaging industry alone is expected to increase from 12.8 tons in 2011 (accounting for 30% of the total polypropylene market that year) to around 20.1m tons in 2020, with the call for food packaging and flexible packaging fuelling this increase (Press Release GBI Research, 24 June 2013).