Patronen identificeren inefficiëntie farma verpakkingslijnen

01 december 2014

Keeping the cost of the production of medicines low is very important to ensure better accessibility to medicines. Among the production steps that need to be monitored and optimized, that final packaging phase is sometimes considered less important. This is a mistake, because it can affect all other upstream phases.
This research shows the throughput and work in process diagrams can be useful for the rapid and effective control of the line activity. After identifying the typical pattern of the line studied, the use of such diagrams can be employed for an accurate analysis of the behaviour of the production line (International Journal of Engineering Business Management, 6 november 2014).
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Op 9 december komt de verpakkingslijn komt aan bod tijdens Packaging technology for pharmaceutical packaging - Module of NVC E-Course Pharmaceutical Packaging (online, in het Engels).

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