NVC Chair Packaging Design and Management (UT) to open European Packaging Gallery

29 mei 2013

Packaging is a common source of frustration for consumers. The University of Twente and Het Foodatelier – an agency specializing in food concepts – are gearing up to change all that. At the UT’s European Packaging Gallery, set to open in September, professors and students will be working to develop alternative packaging solutions for companies on a request basis.
Both groups can offer their input for packing options for new products as well as for alternative packaging for existing products, factoring in aspects such as environmental considerations, appearance, use and shelf life.
Professor Roland ten Klooster of the NVC Chair Packaging Design and Management observes that there is plenty of pernicious packaging out there. “Sealed packaging is a frequent source of frustration. That includes the packaging used for cheese, containers for meat products and bottle caps with plastic liners that have to be removed. And beyond the food sector, blister packs are particularly irritating, which are heat sealed and used to protect USB sticks and similar products. With companies so focused on appearance, cost-cutting and automated packing systems, the user perspective often gets lost in the shuffle. It may sound odd but, all too often, packaging design is simply overlooked by companies ” (Press Release UT, 28 May 2013).