NL: Inspection of compliance with essential requirements

25 juli 2013

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Two thirds of the companies in the Netherlands inspected by the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate could not prove compliance with the essential requirements for packaging.
Only six of the 21 visited companies could prove compliancy sufficiently. The other companies did not comply completely. None of the visited companies uses the harmonised CEN standards to prove compliancy. These standards were prepared to prove conformity to the essential requirements of the directive on packaging and packaging waste 94/62/EC. The standards mentioned are NEN-EN 13427 – umbrella, NEN-EN 13428 – prevention, NEN-EN 13429 – reuse, NEN EN 13430 – material recycling, NEN-EN 13431 – energy recovery and NEN EN 13432 – composting and biodegradation.
Click here for the Report Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate report (507 kB, in Dutch).