Nieuwe LCA-studie naar draagtassen beschikbaar

27 februari 2014

A new life-cycle analysis (LCA) of carrier bags is now available, performed according to ISO 14040 and 14044 and was verified by DEKRA Consulting, Oeko-Institut e.V., Witzenhausen-Institut and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH).
The study compared carrier bags made from paper, conventional plastic (polyethylene, PE), 25% recycled PE and a biobased and certified compostable polymer bag (PBAT/PLA) in terms of their “2-in-1” use in regions where organic waste is collected and recovered separately: this means the bags are used repeatedly and then, in a second step, to collect organic waste where possible (Persbericht European Bioplastics, 14 februari 2014).
Klik hier voor het persbericht.
Klik hier voor het rapport (3,73 MB).

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