Nieuw Deens project voor productie van kunststof uit planten

26 september 2013

Plants can be used as natural factories for the production of biofriendly plastics. Scientists from Aarhus University have launched a project where they will expand the diversity of products coming off the plant’s production line.
Common agricultural crops such as wheat, barley and maize do not just form the backbones of bread, beer and livestock feed. They can also be used as miniature factories for the production of starch designed for bioplastics production. Scientists from Aarhus University will be expanding this concept so the plant can widen its range with new, purpose-built carbohydrates.
Grain from crops such as maize, barley and wheat are some of the main sources of starch on a global scale and are therefore also potential sources for the production of starch-based bioplastics. In the project, scientists from Aarhus University will use barley to develop the new types of carbohydrate (Nieuwsbericht Aarhus University, 25 september 2013).
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