New EU requirements for melamine level in canned pet food

22 april 2013

The European Union (EU) released Commission Regulation (EU) No 107/2013 in the Official Journal on 6 February 2013 amending the Annex I of Regulation (EC) No 2002/32/EC of the European Parliament and of the council as regards to maximum levels for melamine in canned pet food. The new regulation entered into force on 26 February 2013.
Recently provided information has demonstrated that melamine can migrate from a can coating into wet pet food at a level above 2.5 mg/kg relative to a feed at 12% moisture content, but below the (SML) of 2.5 mg/kg in the wet pet food. In light of this development in scientific and technical knowledge, it is appropriate to establish the maximum level 2.5 mg/kg for melamine for canned wet pet food on an 'as sold' basis, in line with what is foreseen for canned food and by Codex (News Letter Food Ingredients First, 19 April 2013).