Miniatuur WiFi apparaat missing link voor Internet of Things

21 december 2016

To become reality, the Internet of Things requires a new class of tiny, energy-efficient WiFi radios to pass commands to and from the network to a myriad of devices. That is the idea behind HitchHike, a tiny, ultra-low-energy wireless radio.
HitchHike is so low-power that a small battery could drive it for a decade or more, the researchers say. It even has the potential to harvest energy from existing radio waves and use that electromagnetic energy, plucked from its surroundings, to power itself, perhaps indefinitely. A paper about the research was presented at the Association for Computing Machinery’s SenSys Conference (Persbericht Stanford, 16 november 2016).
Klik hier voor het persbericht.
Klik hier voor de gepresenteerde paper (1,84 MB).

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