MAP voor sugar snap peulen

25 november 2014

Researchers at the Suez Canal University in Egypt studied the effectiveness of five types of polypropylene packages: highly perforated (HPPP), non-perforated (NPPP) and micro-perforated with 6, 12 and 24 holes (MPPP6, MPPP12 and MPPP24) on storability of sugar snap pea pods.
Results revealed that HPPP had the highest weight loss compared with other bags. MPPP12 bags maintained quality during storage and simulated shelf-life, in terms of higher scores for visual quality, firmness, crispness and taste as well as highest contents of chlorophyll, vitamin C and sugars. NPPP bags had the worst values for quality. An article about the research is published in Postharvest Biology and Technology.
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