Literatuurrapport over verpakkingsmaterialen voor voedsel en hun potentiële impact op de menselijke gezondheid

06 juni 2014

In April 2014 Dieter Schrenk, Professor of Food Chemistry and Toxicology at Technische Universität Kaiserslautern in Germany, published a report on the potential impact of food packaging materials (FPMs) on human health.
The issue of assessment of health risks of FPMs represents an ongoing challenge, because of the potential for release and subsequent transfer of components into the food. This transfer then can lead to an exposure of the consumer to those components and/or their reaction products. The report is aimed at presenting and discussing the major facts and perspectives related to this issue also comparing the properties of a broad spectrum of FPM with respect to food safety.
Klik hier om het rapport te downloaden (243 kB).

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