Leesbaarheid van voedingswaardetabellen van voorverpakte voedingsmiddelen in Hong Kong

27 februari 2014

The CFS and the Consumer Council have conducted a joint study to have a snap shot on whether the trade provides legible nutrition label in accordance with the Guidelines and provide advices to trade for improving the legibility of nutrition label.
The study revealed that a significant amount of products did not provide nutrition labels in accordance with the Guidelines. As such, CFS urges the trade to make reference to the Guidelines to provide legible nutrition label with proper font size, contrast and spacing. In addition, traders should apply suitable printing technology and provide enough spacing in nutrition labels (Hong Kong Centre for Food Safety, 17 februari 2014).
Klik hier voor de Engelse samenvatting van de studie m.b.t. leesbaarheid van voedingswaardetabellen.

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