Internationale producenten van consumentenproducten en WWF gaan samenwerken om verantwoorde ontwikkeling van kunststoffen op plantbasis te stimuleren

20 november 2013

Eight of the world’s leading consumer brand companies and conservation group World Wildlife Fund (WWF) have announced the formation of the Bioplastic Feedstock Alliance (BFA) to support the responsible development of plastics made from plant material, helping build a more sustainable future for the bioplastics industry.
The primary focus of BFA will be on guiding the responsible selection and harvesting of feedstocks—such as sugar cane, corn, bulrush, and switchgrass—used to make plastics from agricultural materials. BFA will address the potential impacts of these renewable materials on land use, food security, and biodiversity (Persbericht WWF, 19 november 2013).
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