Europese productie van kunststoffen 2013

26 maart 2014

This report by Plastics Europe provides an overview of the production by the European plastics industry in 2013. The largest single application area is packaging (nearly 40%), followed by building & construction (20%) and automotive (8%).
Within packaging, the areas identified are PET (bottles, etc.), PE-HD (containers, caps, etc.) and PE (bags, etc.), PP (flower pots, etc.), PS (yoghurt pots, buffer materials, etc.) and PUR (filling materials). After use, plastic material recycling amounted to 26% of market supply, energy recovery to 36% of market supply. About 38% of waste plastic was landfilled. The report provides a breakdown of most data to countries as well.
Klik hier om het rapport te downloaden (946 kB).

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