EU-project BIOCOPAC: Tomatenvellen – een natuurlijke coating voor metalen blikken

26 februari 2014

The BIOCOPAC project has developed a novel bio-lacquer for metal food packaging designed to meet current demand for sustainable production and safety. The project team expects their innovation will increase the competitiveness of the EU’s metal cans industry, cut unnecessary waste and better protect consumers.
The natural lacquer was developed from tomato skins. The lacquer can be applied to the internal and external surfaces of cans used for foodstuffs. The partners plan to file for two patents to be registered. One will cover the extraction method for cutin from tomato peel and the other will cover the formulation of the bio-lacquer (Nieuwsbericht Europese Commissie, 14 januari 2014).
Klik hier voor het nieuwsbericht.
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