EFSA launches two-stage public consultation on BPA extending final adoption to 2014

02 juli 2013

EFSA will launch a public consultation in July on an updated and extended assessment of exposure in Europe to bisphenol A (BPA), a substance used in food contact materials and in other products. The Authority’s last exposure assessment of BPA was in 2006 and this new assessment will mark a major update, encompassing both dietary and non-dietary sources (including paper, inhalation and dust). While EFSA’s experts have made significant progress in assessing the potential human health risks of BPA, more time is needed to evaluate key health effects identified in animal studies and their possible relevance for human health.
All stakeholders and interested parties will be able to provide their comments on the draft exposure assessment through an online public consultation from mid-July to mid-September 2013. In a second stage in early 2014, EFSA will publicly consult on the human health aspects of its risk assessment prior to finalising its scientific opinion (EFSA News Story, 28 June 2013).