Effect van lage dosering gammastraling en MAP op verlenging schapleven verse aardbeien

05 februari 2014

Researchers at the University of Tehran in Iran studied the effect of low-dose gamma irradiation and active equilibrium modified atmosphere packaging (EMAP1: CO2 10%: O2 5%; N2 85% and EMAP2: CO2 5%: O2 10%; N2 85%) on the quality of strawberry fruits.
Strawberries kept in active EMAP1 maintained their texture and appearance better than those packaged under air and EMAP2. Strawberries stored in active EMAP were firmer than those stored in air. Irradiation and EMAP1 increased the postharvest life of strawberries to 14 days, without any attack of fungus or any change in their external appearance. An article about the research is published in Food Packaging and Shelf Life.
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