EAA Verpakkingsbrochure: Verpakkingen op derde plaats in Europa als eindgebruikersmarkt voor aluminium

29 september 2014

Aluminium is used in a wide range of packaging applications, from cans to containers, aerosols or tubes, and in numerous other applications such as closures, foil trays, capsules, lids, wraps and - together with other packaging materials - in laminated foil packs such as blister packs, pouches and beverage cartons.
The European Aluminium Association (EEA) has launched a Packaging Brochure. Next to information about the environmental aspects of aluminium, the brochure also contains information and statistics about the main end-use markets. 17% of the aluminium is used in packaging, making packaging the third largest end-use market after mobility (39%) and construction (24%).
Klik hier voor de verpakkingsbrochure (6,04 MB).

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