DSM’s Pack-Age® bespaart jaarlijks 200.000 ton kaas

01 december 2015

DSM has quantified the sustainable advantages of using its cheese ripening solution, Pack-Age®, over naturally ripened and coated Gouda and Parmesan cheese. Pack-Age® is a moisture-permeable cheese ripening membrane that enables hard to semi-hard cheeses to mature naturally, without the risk of spoilage by mold. As no coating is used in the process, Pack-Age® eliminates the formation of strong dry rind.
Using this solution across the cheese industry would prevent losing around 200,000 tons of Gouda and Parmesan cheeses per year. The calculations were done by Denkstatt, a consultancy firm in the field of sustainability and environmental management (Persbericht DSM, 16 november 2015).
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In 2012 won Pack-Age® de Bronzen Noot in de Verpakkingsinnovatiewedstrijd De Gouden Noot.

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