Design-for-recycling richtlijnen voor PET trays gepubliceerd

16 oktober 2014

Plastics Recyclers Europe (PRE) has released the design-for-recycling guidelines for PET trays. These guidelines, one for clear thermoforms and another for coloured thermoforms, set the basic principles to create PET trays which could be treated by future plastics recycling plants dedicated to this stream.
The eco-design of PET trays is a first compulsory step to start the development of PET trays recycling. Additionally, this waste stream of 800,000 tonnes must be collected and sorted accordingly to create a dedicated waste stream. These two actions are essential in order to create a real recycling stream for PET trays (Nieuwsbericht PRE, 24 september 2014).
Klik hier voor het nieuwsbericht.
Klik hier voor de richtlijnen (44 kB).

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