Deloitte: A-merken verliezen terrein in America

26 juni 2014

U.S. consumers are pushing their shopping carts past many of America’s national brands and feel little regret in doing so, according to Deloitte’s American Pantry Study of more than 375 brands across 30 CPG (consumer packaged goods) categories.
71% say they’re spending less on food, beverage and household goods, but don’t feel like they’re sacrificing much. In fact, only 31% of brands are considered a “must have” consistent with the last four years that Deloitte has conducted the survey. Across 28 of the 30 categories studied, Deloitte found that most consumers perceive store brand quality to be the same or better in most of them (Persbericht Deloitte, 5 mei 2014).
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