Deens Ministerie herroept gepland verbod op vier veel voorkomende ftalaten

04 september 2014

The ban, drafted by then Environmental Minister Ida Auken, would have taken effect on December 2015. The action was considered a provocative move by Auken because Denmark was taking unilateral action without European Union approval. On 1 July 2014 the Ministry of Environment, now headed by Minister Kirsten Brosbøll, announced it has rescinded the order and will not implement the ban. The announcement cites a recent related European Court of Justice decision (the so-called Lapin decision) that places Denmark’s unilateral ban in legal jeopardy. The European Commission has also threatened to legal action against the Danish ban (Recycling Laws International, 11 July 2014).
Klik hier voor de aankondiging van het Deense Ministerie van Milieu (in het Deens).
Klik hier voor een aanvullend artikel van European Plastics News over deze herroeping.

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