Data en trends van de Europese levensmiddelen- en drankenindustrie 2013-2014

23 juni 2014

FoodDrinkEurope has published their new Data and Trends Report on Europe’s food and drink industry. Employment is 4.24 million workers throughout all 28 EU Member States, 64% of whom are employed by SMEs. Turnover is more than €1 trillion and added value is more than €200 billion. The industry is a net exporter of food and drink products, with a positive trade balance of €23 billion.
The report offers a comprehensive picture of the structure and economics of the sector, including views on SMEs, consumption patterns, R&D and innovation (0,3% of turnover), external trade (€86 billion export) and references to the food and drink industries worldwide (16% market share, a decrease from 21% in 2002).
Klik hier om het rapport te downloaden (5,18 MB).

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