Crowdfunding initiatief voor schoonmaken oceaan

17 juni 2014

Boyan Slat has developed a system for removing the plastic waste from the oceans. His approach features a long (100 kilometres) screen of about 1 meter deep that is anchored in one of the five ocean gyres where plastic waste accumulates. Because of the water movement, plastic will accumulate against the screen and especially in the central angle of the screen. There the density will be so large that the waste can easily be lifted out into a large floating container.
Slat now aims for a prototype of about 100 km long, which he expects to collect half of the floating waste from a gyre in about ten years. For that purpose he started a crowdfunding initiative (Nieuwsbericht TU Delft, 4 iuni 2014).
Klik hier voor het nieuwsbericht.

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