APR publiceert rapport betreffende het shrink sleeve probleem in recycling van PET flessen

29 oktober 2014

The Association of Postconsumer Plastic Recyclers (APR) has released the Final Report of the Sleeve Label Working Group detailing recommendations to mitigate the impact of sleeve labels on the recycling of PET bottles. The working group represented all segments of the recycling industry and label supply chain, including PET reclaimers, brand owners, material suppliers, equipment vendors, and testing labs.
Key recommendations include employing sleeve labels that will float in water and separate from PET flakes in a sink/float material separation step and employing printed labels where the label inks do not stain PET Flakes in the wash/rinse step (Nieuwsbericht APR, 26 september 2014).
Klik hier voor het nieuwsbericht (171 kB).
Klik hier voor het rapport (1,72 MB).

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