100% van op Bisfenol A (BPA) getest voedsel in blik veilig voor consumptie

06 juni 2014

As part of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency's (CFIA) routine testing, a survey released recently reported that all of the canned foods tested for Bisphenol A (BPA) were safe to consume. BPA was not detected in 98.5 per cent of canned foods analysed in this survey.
In 2011-12, the CFIA tested 403 canned samples of domestic and imported fruits, vegetables, juices, other beverages, legumes, pasta, and soups for BPA, as these products are likely packaged in cans treated with epoxy coatings. Imported samples came from 15 different countries. Low levels (parts per billion or ppb) of BPA were only detected in six of the canned food samples (Nieuwsbericht CFIA, 25 april 2014).
Klik hier voor het volledige nieuwsbericht.
Klik hier om het CFIA rapport Bisphenol A in Canned Foods te downloaden (403 kB).

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