Wereldwijde HDPE opbrengsten stijgen met 4,2% tot 2022

13 mei 2015

According to a new report a worldwide turnover of 61.8 billion US$ was achieved with HDPE in 2014. Ceresana expects annual revenues to increase by 4.2% p.a. to approximately 85.8 billion US$ until 2022. The Asia-Pacific region is by far the largest consumer. Within the last 8 years, it has increased its world market share from 33% to 44%. After declines, the markets in North America and Western Europe will grow again over the next few years.
HDPE is most frequently used for the production of films, whereby those applications subdivide into packaging films, bags and sacks as well as other films. In 2014, around 26% of the total consumption fell within the field of rigid packaging.
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