Tegengaan van voedselverlies onderzoek Oostenrijk

04 mei 2015

More than 100 million tons of food end up as waste annually in Europe. Food waste therefore has been identified as an ethical and also environmental problem. A new study from packaging recycling organisation ARA AG in Austria has addressed this issue from a packaging perspective.
In the Austrian study, a range of test cases was investigated where packaged and non-packaged food products were compared. One case describes cheese, where a plastic tray and cover-foil in the supermarket results in more packaging waste than unpacked cheese in the characteristic shop. However, product waste in the supermarket is only 0,14% whereas this is 5% in the unpacked case (shop).
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ARA AG Persbericht (219 kB, in het Duits).
ARA AG Kurzdarstellung (1 MB, in het Duits).
ARA AG Kurzfassung (256 kB, in het Duits).
ARA AG Infographic (206 kB, in het Duits).
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