Marktontwikkelingen in verpakken voor webwinkelen

05 januari 2015

Global B2C e-commerce is growing rapidly. In 2013, 4.1 billion consumers found their way to the Internet. The majority of them purchased goods and/or services online for a total amount of $1,552bn. This was an increase of 23.6% from 2012. For 2014 a growth of 22.9% is forecasted and in 2015 B2C e-commerce will grow by 18.0% to reach $2,251bn, according to the Global B2C E-commerce Report by Ecommerce Europe.
NVC has published a Position Paper on E-Commerce and packaging in October 2014 and will introduce the Dutch translation at the WebWinkel Vakdagen (Utrecht) on January 21st, 2015. NVC will give a lecture on this subject during the Global Packaging Summit (Barcelona) on January 27th, 2015.
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