ECHA video: Effect REACH en CLP op downstreamgebruikers

01 december 2015

REACH and CLP are laws on chemicals which apply throughout the European Union. They aim to protect human health and the environment by controlling the chemicals manufactured, imported and used in Europe. Companies that use chemicals have responsibilities under these laws. They are called downstream users.
This short video explains what these laws mean for downstream users and where to find more information. It complements the first video “Who is a downstream user under REACH and CLP” and together they give a basic overview of who downstream users are, how they are affected by the European chemicals legislation and where they can find further information (ECHA e-News, 18 november 2015).
Klik hier om de video How REACH and CLP affect downstream users te bekijken.
Klik hier om de video Who is a downstream user under REACH and CLP te bekijken.
Klik hier voor de ECHA webpagina met informatie voor downstreamgebruikers.

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