Winner Silver De Gouden Noot 2022 - Capsule Dispenser

Capsule Dispenser by PACKSYS GmbH

The Capsule Dispenser by PACKSYS GmbH may signal a significant step forward in the healthcare at home. The refillable dispenser enables patients at home to have their required medication in a controllable and easy-to-handle, yet safe manner. The pack is compatible with existing filling lines.

Approximately 50% of the female and 30% of the male population in Europe over the age of 60 are suffering from arthrosis. In many cases everyday tasks, such as opening a jar or taking a capsule out of a blister pack, turn into a painful struggle. The PACKSYS capsule dispenser enables patients with constrained motor function of their hands to take their medication without having to seek assistance from a caregiver.
The dispenser ensures easy and hygienic single-dosing of pharmaceutical capsules. By pushing down the dispensing actuator, the system releases exactly one capsule into the dosing cup - which can be used for administration of the product without hand contact.

Registrant: PACKSYS

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