The USA-EU joint business workshop on pharmaceutical packaging innovation

Wednesday 5 June 2024
Le Méridien Boston Cambridge, MA (USA)
9AM - 5PM EST  




With 45% of the world’s GDP and around 10% of the world population, the USA and (Western, Central) Europe together constitute a significant acting force in the field of packaging. Both regions share challenges in pharmaceutical and medical device packaging. Healthcare cost are increasing, legislation is intensifying and information technologies like GenAI may disrupt existing business patterns and create novel pathways for packaging innovation. This intense joint business workshop inventarises the trends, shares the highlights and shapes the vision of the industry for the future in the field of pharmaceutical packaging innovation in the USA, Europe and worldwide.

On Thursday 6 June 2024, the USA-EU joint business workshop on packaging and environment takes place at the same venue.

Prof. Dr. Laura Bix (Assistant Dean Graduate Studies in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, and Professor at the School of Packaging at Michigan State University)
Michael Nieuwesteeg MSc MEng (Managing Director NVC Packaging Centre and project lead NVC Project Pharmaceutical Packaging Innovation)
08.00-09.00 Registration
09.00-09.30 To Do Together Today: addressing the main challenges for society and the USA-EU business community regarding pharmaceutical packaging
An interactive introduction of the workshop by co-hosts prof. Laura Bix (Michigan State University – School of Packaging) and Michael Nieuwesteeg (NVC Packaging Centre)
09.30-10.15 The new EU Pharma Directive relating to medicinal products for human use
A concise overview by Michael Nieuwesteeg (NVC Packaging Centre), with special emphasis on the packaging and labeling (patient information) elements. In conclusion, we make a tentative comparison with the USA FDA regulations. 
10.15-11.00 Pharma packaging design now and in the future
A 360o introduction by Sriman Banerjee (Executive Director of R&D Diagnostics, Software & Packaging, Takeda), followed by a panel debate including other major pharma companies attending as well as Samantha Thompson (Esko), Jim Campbell (Constantia Flexibles) and Cory Keller (Avery Dennison). 
11.00-11.15 Short Coffee Break
11.15-12.00 Shopping for medicine online: your health lost in translation…? 
Dangers, opportunities, liabilities and no-go areas in online medicine: recent research findings by prof. Laura Bix (Michigan State University – School of Packaging)
12.00-12.15 Concluding plenary debate: lessons learned, actions to be taken
12.15-13.15 Lunch Break
13.15-14.00 The future of packaging recycling in healthcare: inconvenient truths uncovered, unknown opportunities identified
Serra Anker (NVC manager Packaging materials and processes) shares the findings of the PUMA Project on packaging and environmental (recycling) issues, with special focus on the global medicines and medical devices market. 
14.00-14.45  Short intros of the finest and brightest recent innovations in industry, with on-the-spot feedback by all participants
Blisters: Intro and analysis initiated by Jim Campbell (Constantia Flexibles)
Labels: Intro and analysis initiated by Cory Keller (Avery Dennison)
An overview and joint analysis of the packaging winners in the CPhIWW Awards 2023, the Ameristar Awards 2023 pharma category, as well as the medicine-related finalists of packaging innovation contest De Gouden Noot 2020-2024, by Michael Nieuwesteeg (NVC Packaging Centre)
14.45-15.30 Are you really in control as a patient? Sharing experience with using OTC medicines with and without AI ‘assistance’
Patient-centered research on the ways that patients understand and act upon on-pack instructions, by prof. Laura Bix (Michigan State University – School of Packaging)
15.30-16.15 Managing the complexities of the pharma supply chains from an (interactive) packaging and labeling perspective
Interactive debate by all participants, started with a key intro by Samantha Thompson and Jackie Leslie (Esko) on the latest developments in graphic label design management for pharma and medical devices. How to achieve zero-error labels with adequate efficiency? Where does GenAI come into play? How to handle individualised medication? 
16.15-17.00 The Top 3 challenges and their implications for packaging: defining the joint actions for the coming year
① Exploiting the synergies between the current and future legislation on medicine packaging and medical devices in Europe and the USA: improving health care by harmonised and cost-effective implementation
② Driving pharma packaging and labeling innovation in America, Europe and worldwide: patient-centered packaging design for a sustainably ageing world population 
③ The role of novel information technologies (VR, GenAI and more) in accelerating product and packaging innovation, in health care 
17.00 Informal after-party


Anchoring the renowned University Park at MIT, Le Méridien Cambridge-MIT stands amidst an area legendary for its infrastructure of invention. Notably, the Boston-Cambridge area is one of the world’s eminent regions on science and technology in healthcare.


For more information please contact the NVC at  or +31-(0)182-512411.