NVC Panel Debate at Verpackung Hamburg: “Maximising the pool of packaging talent!”

11 december 2012

The quest for packaging talent in Germany and the Netherlands is the cornerstone of a unique bi-national NVC Panel Debate which will take place at the packaging exhibition Verpackung Hamburg 2013. The Debate addresses education, training and qualifications in packaging for all companies and organisations involved in the supply and recycle chain of packaged products.

The debate focuses on the “quest for talent” in packaging. First, we will address the developments in some important sectors of packaged products (both food and non-food, both consumer and industrial). Based on this, we discuss the education and training of professionals in packaging, via dedicated (packaging) training programmes and/or generic education. Which challenges do we have to overcome? How can we further increase our competitiveness?

Last but not least, the interaction between the Dutch and German business cultures are investigated, both bi-nationally and in the context of multinational companies and their quest for talent. How can these differences be exploited to the benefit of all actors involved in packaging development?

The time-schedule for the Debate allows for an optimal visit of the Verpackung and Packaging Innovations Hamburg 2013 during the same day.
In the afternoon all participants are invited to join the Verpackung and PI Hamburg 2013 get-together-drink at the exhibition.

Wednesday January 23rd, 2013 (first day of the two-day exhibition)
12.00-14.00 hrs

A3.2, 1st Floor Hall A3
The glass-windows meeting room, above the Exhibition Hall Inspection Office.

The presentations and discussions will take place in German language, including partially English presentations and supporting data.

NVC Netherlands Packaging Centre www.nvc.nl , Verpackung Hamburg 2013 Booth D12.
Contact: Charissa Koolen