Bio4pack GmbH

Adres Marie-Curie-Strasse 5
Postcode / Plaats D-48529 NORDHORN
Land Duitsland
Telefoon +49-(0)322-2999030
Fax +49-(0)322-29990301

Bio4Pack was established in 2009 - we have well over 10 years' worth of experience in our specific field to call upon.
Our entire production process is carried out within the same group of companies: our parent company, Sylvaphane, provides the film we need, whereas sister company, Euroflex, takes care of all necessary laminating. This in-house approach serves as your additional guarantee for quality.
Bio4Pack is committed to social and environmental responsibility. We continually seek ways to improve our environmental impact while creating better sustainable packaging solutions for our customers.

Our products are made from raw materials with a high content of renewable recourses which comply fully with European standard EN 13432 and US standard ASTM D6400.